The Slow Now


The Slow Now is a downloadable audio walk that takes place in Little Italy, and uses Project Bookmark Canada’s physical bookmark for Fugitive Pieces as its launching point. The audio will guide you through a narrative, lyrical & imaginative experience of the neighbourhood, stemming from the seminal book by Anne Michaels. The rich history of Little Italy, the rich tapestry of the book, and a new original narration by Mark Mann will be voiced by local figures and Anne Michaels herself.

The Slow Now is presented in partnership with Project Bookmark Canada & the Koffler Centre of the Arts. It is produced by Angela Shackel of Accounts and Records.

See photos from the public launch event.


THE SLOW NOW TRAILER | Watch the promotional trailer for The Slow Now, presented in collaboration with Project Bookmark Canada.

PRODUCED BY ANGELA SHACKEL | In its beginnings Accounts and Records was a thematic podcast featuring narratives, round-table discussions and interviews. The project was responding to that fact that I’m constantly inspired and moved by the stories of my friends, coworkers and acquaintances. I love surprising personal histories, hilarious anecdotes and clever commentary divulged casually over dinner tables, on the subway, or by text message. My initial plunge into podcasting took these informal stories and gave them form by placing them in a narrative or larger discussion in a focused way. Connecting well with people through great conversations is my favourite thing. I rebel against a culture where everyone works in isolation; I prefer collaboration, and feel that conversation is one of the best modes we have for challenging each other’s perspectives. As a child I would spend hours entertaining my (significantly) older brothers about stories from grade school. To hold their attention, I started learning about pacing, punchlines, ideas and good characters being key to having your audience’s listening commitment. I have also always been fascinated by time and memory; preserving ideas, thoughts, and events has always been a priority for me. Working in recorded audio allows me to do what I was already doing socially -- editing and retelling stories, events or news items -- in order to connect with people.

INSPIRED FUGITIVE PIECES BY ANNE MICHAELS | Anne Michaels is Toronto’s Poet Laureate & was the recipient of a 2014 Helen & Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Award (now known as the Vine Awards for Canadian Jewish Literature).