“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.” – Ernest Hemingway

Have you ever cried at the sound of someone crying? Or laughed at someone’s voice breaking? Sound is an exceptional force. While reading invokes a private universe, and watching is an act of curiosity, listening brings together the public and private, past and present. It lends itself to documentary, fiction, immersion, and experimentation.

We like audio. A lot. We respect our ears, these little listening lenses. We want to use to offer new perspectives to the world around us, and stir the most untouched parts of our imaginations. In these glory days of audio, we will work to bring you excellent audio experiences, from radio plays to podcasts, live recordings, to audio walks, and all the other adventures we haven’t yet discovered.

With love in listening – Koffler.Digital. #KDListen #ArtfulInternet #KofflerArts @KofflerArts