Koffler.Digital is a free online platform from the Koffler Centre of the Arts that delivers stimulating arts and ideas-driven programs to your mobile devices, wherever and whenever you are. All our programs are mobile responsive, and created by some of Canada’s leading artists and emerging creative voices.


As we’re writing this, the world is in flux.

The international community is going through some major changes. The ground is shifting beneath our feet. Some of us have signed off our social media accounts for the time being. #TTFN.

We’re tired.

But we’re not finished.

#HellNo. We fight for a better internet. A more artful, thoughtful internet. Because a more thoughtful internet might mean a more thoughtful culture – and ultimately a happier, more constructive global community.

We will put art and ideas in the palm of your hand, wherever and whenever you are.

We don’t know what the hell the Cloud is, or how Facebook knows what restaurant we’re at. But we believe there’s an opportunity in those abilities for total, awesome goodness. #GoodnessEnFleek.

We will laugh together across the digital divide. We will cry together, we will think together. We will gather round the hearth of our super smart robot phones, and together we will stoke empathy and unleash change.

Oh ya, that brings us to our principles.

We stubbornly stick to the 3 Es: Empathy, experience, and ethics.

Empathy. There are no simple stories. We will tell stories from all over the globe, and we will honour the complexity of being human.

Experience. Haven’t you heard? Your life is happening while you’re staring at that pocket robot. We don’t offer “snackable content”. We build immersive and substantial digital arts experiences that allow you to think differently. Feel hugely. See boldly. Listen well.

Ethics. We design and execute Koffler.Digital with a promise to respect the attention and the brain space of our audiences. We work to provide a safe and balanced space, an uncluttered website, and a user flow that does not hijack your ability to focus or leave your mental health in tatters. We continue to research ways to do this. It is sometimes tempting to buckle under pressures to behave like Buzzfeed. But we will be uncompromising on this point.

We ask nothing in return.

It’s free, it’s yours. But if you’re so inclined, we invite you to take the ideas and the experiences that you encounter here and continue the good momentum. Send them to someone who might need them, hash out a notion at a dinner party, build upon whatever discovery inspires you.

We acknowledge the dangers of the digital age, but we also see an opportunity to connect people. To share stories from all corners of the world. To give a platform to fierce, critical voices.

Join the movement towards a more artful internet.

It’s a step in moving towards a more artful world.




The Koffler Centre of the Arts is a cultural platform that engages audiences of all ages and backgrounds in a vibrant dialogue exploring critical ideas and concerns of our time.

As a Jewish organization, we value – and aim to foster – social justice, equality and inclusiveness while nurturing a passion for learning and understanding. We position Jewish identity in conversation with diverse perspectives and global voices to examine complex issues in a respectful, constructive way. We accomplish this through exhibitions, performances, discussions, publications and digital initiatives.

These principles support the Koffler’s engagement with the best contemporary creative minds in producing and presenting art that provides common ground for experiences shaping our shared cultural life and defining our social values.