2Fik & Lori Blondeau: Live!

Interdisciplinary artists 2Fik and Lori Blondeau sit down for an exclusive, candid conversation in Koffler Gallery. At the forefront of both artists’ work is their individual expressions of their multiplicitous identities. Born in Paris to a Moroccan Muslim family, 2Fik moved to Montréal in 2003. His encounter with the city’s multicultural environment inspired him to examine issues of identity and its socio-political ramifications. Lori Blondeau, a Saskatoon based Cree/Saulteaux/Métis artist, examines how post-colonial, misrepresentative imagery impacts the reception of Indigenous women in urban communities.

Both 2Fik and Lori Blondeau are featured in Primary Exhibitions of the 2017 CONTACT Photography Festival.