logo-footerThe Koffler Centre of the Arts is a Jewish cultural organization that presents a contemporary cross-disciplinary arts program encouraging inquiry and exploration. We promote an inter-cultural dialogue that engages our Jewish identity with diverse perspectives and global voices.
Koffler.Digital is a digital arts series available 24/7 on a number of platforms, on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, that uses the vigorous application of art, thought, and imagination on digital medias to explore the ideas that are shaping Toronto. We work to provide a nourishing alternative to the daily click-bait diet (hey, we like Buzzfeed, too). We work with Toronto‚Äôs emerging artists, thinkers, and leaders to provide you with the best content, for free, year-round. We prioritize an uncluttered, crisp aesthetic that highlights the content, and let’s you explore without distraction. 

And we love you.